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Friv 5 presents: Ivan vs Mutants - CLICK Here to Play the Game:
The game is to kill all the monsters that create aliens. With each level you will be attacked by a terrible monster and more huge. Movement of the standard WASD and aim with the mouse. Controls: Change weapon: Spacebar or Shift. (Use mouse to highlight needed weapon. It will be selected after you release the button mouse.). Aim: Mouse. Fire: Left click mouse (Ctrl, Numpad 0). Move: W,A,S,D or Arrow keys (Z,S,Q,D). Shortcut keys: 1. Pistol. 2. Shootgun. 3. Autogun. 4. Mechinegun. 5. Grenade. 6. Cryogrenade. 7. Bazooka. 8. Cryogun. G, END: Throw grenade. H, Home, Enter: Medkit. E, Delete: Pistol shot. -